Disability Income Insurance


A Few Minutes About the Rest of Your Life…

Life isn’t just about making it. At some point, it’s about keeping everything you worked so hard to build.


More than any other asset, your income is your most valuable asset. It makes owning your home and cars possible, but have you considered your income also determines your current standard of living and provides for your long-term financial goals?

Income protection is one of the greatest unmet needs in financial and insurance planning.

With the majority of life insurers having left the Disability Income Insurance business, most advisors and agents are no longer trained to sell this niche insurance product.

Most importantly, their clients are no longer shown how to protect their most valuable asset, the ability to earn an income when suffering from an illness or injury.

JLM Wealth Strategies is proud to offer a top-shelf line of individual and business income replacement products unequaled in providing the highest quality income protection.

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