San Diego 770 Bank Account

Did you know that a San Diego 770 bank account can provide you with the financial resources you need to enjoy retirement, all outside of the confines of a traditional, government-backed 401(k) plan?

When you have the San Diego 770 account explained by a JLM Wealth Strategies professional, you will learn about the variety of benefits associated with this account — but you will also develop a strong relationship with one of our financial planners.

At JLM Wealth Strategies, we believe in pursuing non-traditional wealth management approaches that are designed to help you achieve a real return on investment. Instead of slogging away for years to put away money for retirement, why not consider a 7702 retirement plan in San Diego CA?

This type of account is beneficial as a tax shelter, it offers more flexibility than traditional retirement plans, and it is gaining more traction in the financial marketplace. Come see what all the fuss is about!

Why the San Diego 770 bank account is superior to other approaches

When you first hear the San Diego 770 account explained, you may be taken aback at the novelty of the approach. A 770 bank account in San Diego CA is actually not a bank account at all, but a type of whole life insurance policy that is designed to maximize living benefits.

  • The life insurance is thus not designed to offer a death benefit, but instead to pay out “early.”
  • A San Diego 7702 retirement plan is intended to max out contributions according to the IRS guidelines, and it also allows your money to grow at a fixed percentage or a rate that is tied to an index — your choice.
  • The 770 account explained in San Diego CA means that you can take out loans against the cash value in a policy, which is never considered as taxable income.

There are also no age restrictions about withdrawing from your plan, which makes the San Diego 770 bank account far more attractive for those who are intending to retire early. We understand that the 770 account structure is a little confusing, which is why our JLM Wealth Strategies consultants are standing by to help you learn more. Let us show you the benefits that come along with creative retirement planning! Contact us now.