San Diego Becoming Your Own Banker

Here at JLM Wealth Strategies, owner John Montoya and his staff have the resources needed in San Diego for becoming your own banker. You might have heard of this concept before — it goes by many names — Infinite Banking, 770 accounts, Bank On Yourself and more.

No matter what you call it, we’re confident that you will be stunned at how effectively it grants you financial independence from banks and Wall Street. Our team is ready to help you build profound wealth while steering clears of banks through our San Diego family banking system.


Are you interested in becoming your own banker in San Diego CA?

Instead of turning to banks and Wall Street professionals for personal loans, business loans, retirement accounts and more, the team here at JLM Wealth Strategies has a vehicle that many consider to be unconventional, but almost anyone who has tried it would agree that it is highly effective. Here’s a ultra brief look at the steps needed to becoming your own banker in San Diego CA.

  • The staff at JLM Wealth Strategies can help you establish a super-charged, dividend-paying whole life insurance policy. This policy must be set up a certain way, and our team has the knowledge and experience to calibrate it to your needs.
  • Our team will show you how to appropriately fund the policy in a way that allows you to build wealth while, at the same time, paying off your debts. This is essential in San Diego for becoming your own banker.
  • The money you gain access to through your policy will be free of taxes, which can help you save potentially tens of thousands of dollars. Plus, your wealth builds at a consistent rate regardless of what the markets are doing.
  • Through this San Diego family banking system, you are able to provide yourself with tax-free loans (personal or business), lines of credit and more.

JLM Wealth Strategies provides everything needed in San Diego for becoming your own banker — sit down and explore this savvy financial strategy.