San Diego Cash Value Life Insurance

You may be familiar with term life insurance as a financial planning tool, but what about San Diego cash value life insurance from a permanent policy?

At JLM Wealth Strategies, we know that borrowing against your San Diego dividend paying whole life insurance can be a great financial tool to support your future goals. Instead of investing in traditional retirement or savings options, which may be unreliable and inconsistent in management, why not consider an option for cash value life insurance in San Diego CA?

JLM Wealth Strategies can provide you with the information, resources and access to limit tax burdens, improve access to liquid assets and generally invigorate your investment portfolio.

The difference between term life and San Diego cash value life insurance

How do you know that you need a San Diego dividend paying whole life policy? Whole life insurance could be a good option if you:

  • Want coverage that lasts your entire life, not just until you reach a certain age
  • Prefer level premiums that do not change
  • Are looking for a return on investment for the cash value that builds within the policy

Whole life insurance differs from term life insurance because there is no age at which the policy expires or terminates. In fact, these options for dividend paying whole life in San Diego CA allow clients to take out loans against the cash value of the policy — tax-free!

Imagine being able to save up a significant amount of money in a life insurance policy, and then using that money as collateral against untaxed loans to support your retirement. It isn’t only possible, it’s popular among wealthier clients who want to avoid significant tax burdens in their later years.

Ready to learn more about the ways in which a San Diego cash value life insurance policy could help you? Contact our team now to get started with research and advice for your individual financial situation. JLM Wealth Strategies is ready and awaiting your call.