San Francisco Cash Value Life Insurance

How can a San Francisco cash value life insurance policy support your future financial goals? Instead of having to put your faith in banks, you may be able to improve access to funds and promote your financial health through the use of a San Francisco dividend paying whole life insurance policy.

At JLM Wealth Strategies, we help our clients reach financial independence through the use of innovative tools and products, including cash value life insurance in San Francisco CA. Let us show you why our creative options may be better suited for your future than traditional retirement accounts and savings plans.

How San Francisco cash value life insurance can support your goals

Many of us would love to retire tax-free — that is why we pay into a Roth IRA or other similar plan. But, when it comes down to it, it is important to remember that your Roth IRA simply gives you the opportunity to pay taxes up-front and not be doubly taxed on your income — it is ultimately a mechanism for the government to collect taxes now on money you will use later. When you strategically employ a San Francisco dividend paying whole life insurance plan, you can:

  • Access your money at any time without penalty
  • Retire earlier than age 65
  • Enjoy tax-free loans against your own policy
  • And essentially serve as your own bank

No matter what your current retirement strategy looks like, there may still be time and room for a system of dividend paying whole life in San Francisco CA. JLM Wealth Strategies can provide you with the information and guidance you need to free yourself from the traditional retirement and savings plans that do little to support your true future needs.

Ready to get started? Contact JLM Wealth Strategies today to learn more about whether San Francisco cash value life insurance may be the right fit for you.