San Francisco Roth IRA Alternatives

Have you thought about the fact that there may be a San Francisco Roth IRA alternative out there for you? So many of our clients at JLM Wealth Strategies believe that they must plan for retirement in the traditional way — by slogging through years and years of investing in 401(k) accounts, IRAs and other standard accounts.

You are probably not a traditional thinker if you are looking for San Francisco 401k alternatives, so why would you settle for something that does not suit you? With so many tech firms and other entrepreneurial businesses sprouting up in our area, a growing number of business professionals need 401k alternatives in San Francisco CA. Stop feeling trapped by the system, and start thinking more creatively with JLM Wealth Strategies’ options for tax free retirement in San Francisco CA.


Why a San Francisco Roth IRA alternative could be right for you

When you think of San Francisco 401k alternatives, your mind probably springs right to “retirement account” terminology — but there are a variety of other options that do not fit into that traditional landscape. JLM Wealth Strategies can help you identify a variety of solutions that not only carry higher contribution limits, but also give you the freedom of a San Francisco tax free retirement.

Consider a 770 account, also known as a “secret” investing plan, in which clients are able to leverage living benefits paid out by a permanent whole life insurance policy. What about using your health savings account as a retirement plan? Many clients do not know that this Roth IRA alternative in San Francisco CA allows them to withdraw money tax-free after age 65, with taxes only paid on earnings and interest.

The truth is that there are many options available to you if you seek a San Francisco Roth IRA alternative for your retirement planning. Why not check out our available solutions today? Contact us now to learn more about your options.